We now have universal pre-k here at our center!

Free for children THAT ARE 4 YEARS old BY DECEMBER 31st of current calendar year.

Slots are filling up, come in and sign your child up now!


The Pre-K curriculum at The Jewel of Harlem Centers is designed to encourage four-year-olds to be imaginative, energetic, inquiry-based learners who explore the classroom environment with curiosity and purpose. We build a learning environment grounded in Emotionally Responsive Practice (ERP).  This research based-based principle builds on the well documented connection between a child’s emotional well-being and learning potential.  ERP underscores that social- emotional learning is a primary task of the Pre-K year. 

We use the Prekindergarten Foundation for the Common Core to support and guide our curriculum.  Common Core is grounded in principles of child development and a “whole child” approach that encompasses five learning domains.  Approaches to Learning, Physical Development and Health, Social and Emotional Development, Communication, Language, and Literacy, and Cognition and Knowledge of the World.

 Preschoolers are eager to learn, and school activities are designed to involve and engage these young students with interesting lessons and materials. Experienced teachers plan thematic units in math, literacy, science, social studies, art, music, and movement to thoroughly prepare children for a smooth transition to kindergarten with a rich, robust learning foundation.

Our Pre-K students make independent choices in a child-centered learning environment, following well-established structures and routines to guide them. Opportunities for hands-on learning are presented daily, allowing students to grow through play and real-world experiences. Daily activities are scheduled in whole group and small groups to promote socialization and community building. Students engage in conversations with teachers and friends daily, learning to take turns, listen, and share.

Print-rich classrooms enable students to be immersed in literacy acquisition, developing letter and word recognition. Throughout the day, physical, cognitive, social, and emotional development are nurtured in a warm, caring, safe environment, providing students with the early skills to become lifelong learners.

Test prep activities are embedded in the curriculum to prepare our Pre-K students to take the exams for admission to gifted and talented public school kindergarten programs and independent private schools. We attempt to give our students an advantage through practice, exposure, and familiarity with test taking skills and formatting.